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Uptown's Lavish Little Butterfly

Uptown's Lavish Little Butterfly is cream of the crop and Lavish as they come!  She is out of some of the most prestigious teacup Shih Tzu lines with perfect conformation and impeccable quality.  This girl has an adorable personality and is perfectly behaved.  Lavish has an EXTREME face with huge eyes and super high button nose.  She weighs a cobby 5lb 10oz and has a thick rich black coat. Lavish has been color tested and carries white, cream, liver, gold, red, black, and the parti gene. We feel so blessed to have this beauty in our program!

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Introducing Iron Butterfly’s Making My Muse!  This adorable miniature Shih Tzu has the BIGGEST dark eyes you’ll ever see!  She is nothing but quality in a tiny 5.5lb package.  Muse is a beautiful solid gold with black mask and eyeliner for days.  That little face of hers is just too much, and she passes it along to all her babies!  Muse is AKC registered, has been color tested, and carries every color including white and the parti gene. She is truly the sweetest little girl and gets along well with everyone. We are so excited and honored to have this beautiful addition in our breeding  program!

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Uptown's Juliet of Tiny Tot

Uptown's Juliet of Tiny Tot is our gorgeous red liver girl.  She is from very prestigious Tcup Shih Tzu lines and consistently produces gorgeous puppies!  Juliet has AMAZING amber eyes and beautiful little face.  She's a nice solid 7lbs, has a sweet mellow personality, and is an excellent mommy!  Juliet is AKC registered, has been color tested, and carries for everything including liver, gold, black, red, cream, and white in solid patterns.  We are so happy and blessed to have this beautiful girl in our program!


Uptown’s Ravishing Ruby

Introducing Uptown’s Ravishing Ruby.... this ravishing redhead is quite the knockout!  Between her cherry chocolate coloring and AMAZING eyes she was definitely our keeper!  Born and bred right here at Uptown Imperial Shih Tzu, Ruby is a daughter to our retired Romeo and current Juliet.  Ruby weighs 5.75lbs, a perfect little mini Shih Tzu, and has a fun spunky personality.  She is AKC registered and has been color tested to produced every color including, white, cream, red, liver, black, gold, and parti patterns.    She is a great example of the quality we produce and can’t wait to see her future tcup babies!