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Uptown Imperials has now moved to Houston Texas!  My name is Amy and  I own and breed Imperial Shih Tzu, also known as teacup, miniature, tiny, toy, or pocket Shih Tzu.  I have owned  toy breeds my entire life and fell in love with Imperial Shih Tzu’s because they do not shed, have the cutest little faces, come in every color you can imagine, do not have as much energy and sass as other toy breeds which makes them the perfect companion dog! 

Uptown Imperial Shih Tzu is a  very small in home breeding program where my focus is overall beauty, quality, health, size, and temperament.  My dogs are spoiled, cherished, forever family members that sleep with me, go on daily walks and car rides, and get all the love and attention they deserve!  My goal at Uptown Imperials is to use my love, devotion, and knowledge of the breed to improve every generation and  provide families with their next forever teacup baby.   I am an ethical, caring, and responsible breeder so you can feel good about where your puppy came from.  This is a hobby and passion that my family and I enjoy together. Our miniature Shih Tzu are top quality and some of the tiniest T-cups around.  Quality comes at a cost, and my puppies are priced from $3000-5000.  At Uptown Imperials we specialize in toy Shih Tzu weighing 3-7lbs full-grown with extreme and baby doll faces.  Our puppies have tiny high set noses, huge eyes, long lashes, short compact bodies, and beautiful coats in all colors imaginable!  All my puppies are well socialized, happy, healthy, family members that are used to being held, groomed, and loved.  I am a very small breeder with only a few litters each year, and my puppies’ welfare is my top priority. Please be prepared to answer questions and provide information so I can get to know you and your family before purchasing a puppy.   All  our quality puppies are AKC registered,  vet checked, dewclaws removed, up to date on vaccinations, and include a one year written health guarantee, and require a spay/neuter contract.  I cherish each and every one of my puppies and their lifelong happiness is my top priority. Babies are raised as family members in my home with socializing and love from day one.  I DO NOT sell to puppy mills, pet shops, puppy brokers, or irresponsible pet owners, and reserve the right to refuse a sale if I feel it is not in the best interest of my precious babies.  Please feel free to look around, admire, and enjoy my Uptown Imperial Shih Tzu!

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Houston's premium quality Teacup Shih Tzu

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